Dakotah Steakhouse

Dakota Steakhouse Exterior

The owners of the Comfort Suites Hotel approached Lampert & Associates to develop a high-end steakhouse that would serve the needs of their clientele and the entire community as well. The symbiotic relationship of a hotel and restaurant to enhance profit margins is well-documented in the Hospitality Industry, and with four other hotels within walking distance, none of which have a full service restaurant, this project afforded exciting possibilities.

After a careful assessment of the basic hospitality needs of the area, Lampert & Associates conceptualized Dakotah Steakhouse, a hybrid steakhouse positioned between the upper-end market and the casual segment. Every detail, from the exterior to the menus, was developed from strategic plans and guided by past experience with restaurant start-up and management.

Dakotah Steakhouse Logo

1325 N Elk Vale Road
Rapid City, SD 57703